Embodiment for nerds

When we chilled in a nerdy company, photo by Krzyś Niemkiewicz.

I don’t want to treat my body as a foreign tissue on my brain.

Taken on a Californian desert — credits go to Marta Cz-C, a single exposure.

My story

Waterfalls in Yosemite and Oregon.
This person, this fountain.

Just for once, uncover your face
And stare right into the Sun
Get delighted, just delighted
And moved with all your heart
Don’t fear the fear, cry as needed
Go for a wild goose chase
Kiss the night in its highest star
Let it go… and dance

If it weren’t for free improv, I’d have gone crazy stuck inside my head.

Don’t expect, don’t dream, don’t plan — take experiences as they come.
Go beyond what’s good, what’s bad — it’s a play and only that.

Lovembal in Poznań — credits go to Marianna Łakomy.
Chilling in hot.
Lucjan doing wonders with an oak venik— photo by Krzyś Niemkiewicz.

Lessons and takeaways

You travel into the East, together
Your soul and its prison moving along
Entering hell to break the shackles
But once soul’s free it’s shattered
For the constraints constitute its form




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