Games in which you walk (and get immersed)

(On finding your personal, traumatic wolf)
Will you head to a beacon to your own end
Or drink a poison so you can live again?
Will you watch your maker gasping his last breath
Or wake in the depths years after your death?
Will you sacrifice your love, childhood’s friend
Or flirt with a stranger amidst the fiery end?

Games I recommend

The Path

  • Recommend if: You like exploring emotions. Like a forest. You are here to experience rather than achieve.
  • It takes: 3–6 h. It took me around a day, not in one sitting, as it is a bit open-ended.

Life is Strange

  • Recommend if: just recommend. No ifs!
  • It takes: 14–18 h. It took me 2 days (“while playing episode one let’s just download others…”); missed a deadline but don’t regret it any tiny bit!

Vanishing of Ethan Carter

  • Recommend if: you like Lovecraftian stories, Amnesia, The Sixth Sense or just looking at the gorgeous autumn sunset.
  • It takes: 4 h, apparently. It took me something like 1.5 days (I was wandering a bit).

Dear Esther

  • Recommend if: are easily moved by visual scenery, appreciate sad poetry.
  • It takes: 1.5 h.


  • Recommend if: like Amnesia or are a transhumanist (especially one too optimistic about mind uploading). Can appreciate (and handle) a very grim and depressing mood.
  • It takes: 9–11 h.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

  • Recommend if: if you like Lovecraftian stories, and being afraid (even if there is nothing around… but who knows what lurks in the darkness?).
  • It takes: 8–10.5 h (it took me a bit more, I guess 2 days).


  • Recommend if: want something narrative, and be scared but just a bit.
  • It takes: 4–5 h

The Stanley Parable

  • Recommend if: you like meta; and enjoy playing the same game many times.
  • It takes: 1.5–7 h (oh, you can rush to the end… but is it the end? is it the only end?)


Whenever you recommend me a game, it starts with: “you walk”.



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