Tinder anecdata and Sankey diagrams

Tinder Matches for three Artificial Intelligence Generated Human Faces, per 1K swipes; see also: thispersondoesnotexist.com
  • How do people categorize interactions?
  • How many matches or initial conversations turn into positive, meaningful interactions?
  • What is their goal? Relationships? Sex? Anything else?

Here are the diagrams

117 Days On Tinder


My 86 Days on Tinder


Another guy


An opening gambit: The success of my standardised opening message on Tinder


A woman from Australia


A gay man from Sao Paulo


My 2017 of successful Tinder unicorn dating


My 28 Days on Tinder


24 hours on Tinder as a Female & first messages


And one is Excel


Not only Tinder

My Dating Success over 7 Months (Tinder, Bumble, & Real Life)


How I met my boyfriend — 6 months of dating in 2016


My 500 days on OkCupid


My 5 months on Hinge (match results, statistics, and trends)


My 180 Days of Lesbian Online Dating

https://www.reddit.com/r/dataisbeautiful/comments/7p73ch/my_180_days_of_lesbian_online_dating_oc/; take a note that is is an updated version of the original diagram

Two months of dating with Bumble


Twelve thousand right swipes on Bumble


Comparing flow charts with and without worthless bottlenecks; based on r/dataisbeautiful (feel the meta!)




PhD in quantum physics, deep learning & data viz specialist. Founder at Quantum Flytrap. https://p.migdal.pl/ / https://quantumflytrap.com/

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Piotr Migdał

Piotr Migdał

PhD in quantum physics, deep learning & data viz specialist. Founder at Quantum Flytrap. https://p.migdal.pl/ / https://quantumflytrap.com/

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