Or how you can learn to get in touch with your body and emotions.

During my first free improv workshop, I was asked what motivated me to participate.

I don’t want to treat my body as a foreign tissue on my brain.

It was taken as a grim joke. Yet…

A few tips on automatic time tracking, especially for people with ADHD: how to get immediate feedback, for actions, not guilt.

tl;dr: Qbserve when I was on macOS, now RescueTime + Custom New URL Tab (Chrome extension) pointing its report, so I get immediate feedback on my productivity (motivates me…

Demons invaded Earth and ruined Doom HUD. Some alternative titles:

  • A devilishly minimalistic style vs death by Candy Crush glitter.
  • An immersive vs casual game.
  • A dark journey vs demon piñata.


Autumn 2019 I played Doom 2016 for the first time, and immediately fell in love. Everything was exactly in…

It seems that some artifacts generated by artificial neural networks are eerily similar to those created by our altered states of mind, be it dreams or thanks to psychedelics.

While mentioning psychedelics (and showing trippy computer-generated images) has some entertainment value, my motivation is different, as explained in Exploring human…

Piotr Migdał

PhD in quantum physics, deep learning & data viz specialist. Founder at Quantum Flytrap. https://p.migdal.pl/ / https://quantumflytrap.com/

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